Organized by Bakersfield Museum of Art and Winfield Gallery
January 30, 2020 – August 29, 2020

Painting nocturnes is one adventurous way for an artist to experience the realm of the unknown: either something never seen before, or a familiar subject seen in an unfamiliar way. While searching for comparisons between light and dark, this work mystifies and intrigues the artist. Delving into the veiled night, the artist interprets each abstract element in the darkness, courageously embracing the shadows. Since the 19th century, nocturne painting has been explored and is especially relevant in California. One of the nation’s earliest examples of nocturnal work was produced by Charles Rollo Peters (1862-1928), a Monterey County resident, who specialized in mysterious nighttime paintings often of ruined adobes. Peters’ work established a tradition that has seamlessly aligned with the explorative and experimental nature of California. This exhibition, highlighting 25 artists, reconnoiters how contemporary California based artists have evolved within this historical tradition.

Artists include: Gale Antokal, Noah Buchanan, Squeak Carnwath, Pamela Carroll, Warren Chang, Linda Christensen, James Doolin, Jessica Dunne, Bryce Elischer, Frank Galuszka, David Hines, Andrew Jackson, Andrea Johnson, Mari Kloeppel, Holly Lane, David Ligare, Trevor Meeker, David Molteni, Lauren Doolin McMillen, Jane Rosen, Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin, Marc Trujillo, and Chloe Wilson.

This exhibition features an accompanying soundtrack produced by Film Music Supervisor and Archivist, Tim Burnett.