Tayloe Piggott Gallery

Tayloe Piggott Gallery

Solo Exhibit Tayloe Piggott Gallery 62 S. Glenwood Street Jackson, WY 83001 tel: 307-733-0555 From the Place on...

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Happy to announce “Four Women” opening 4-6pm December 3rd @seagergray Gallery in Mill Valley featuring work by Jane Rosen, Daniella Dooling, Shannon Belardi and Gale Antokal. There is a personal connection between us regarding teaching and mentoring. Jane Rosen taught Daniella at SVA in NY. I taught Shannon at SJSU. Shannon is Jane’s studio assistant. There is also a monochromatic tonality that will connect our drawings and Daniella and Jane’s sculpture. Shannon and I are each creating a drawing for the show using powdered clay and charcoal, demonstrating a process I taught in my “Expressive Drawing” class at San Jose State. We hope to talk about it. Many thanks to Donna and Suzanne for this exhibit.There is a catalog available. There will also be copies of my own new catalog available for purchase. @jrosen5813 @danielladoolingstudio @shannon.belardi @galeantokalstudio #fourwomen. #intensityofsilence1 #chalkflourgraphiteash #galeantokal ...