Natural Inclinations
AUGUST 1 – AUGUST 31, 2018
Seager Gray Gallery

Seager Gray Gallery presents Natural Inclinations, a group exhibition of works inspired directly or indirectly by nature. Artists include Gale Antokal, Renee Bott, Kay Bradner, Cristina Cordova, Joshua Flint, Kristen Garneau, Lisa Kokin, Nancy Legge, Diana Majumdar, Jann Nunn, Sibylle Peretti, Carole Pierce, Ross Richmond, Jane Rosen, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Helen Stanley, Matt Tasley, Larry Thomas and Barbara Wildenboer.

On some level all art, even abstract art finds inspiration in nature, in its myriad patterns, spacing, modulation, color and light. Natural Inclinations takes a look at art that makes specific reference to nature as subject matter, with and without human intervention.