Intensity of Silence 2022

The ordinary yet delicate nature my materials underscore the unsettling images and important ideas they describe. Flour, ash, graphite and chalk mix into fragile dusty surfaces that depict people walking, cycling, standing on thin ice, and leaving their trace in snowy footprints. There are birds flying upwards, mountains, sky, and smoke.  Though disparate in subject matter, all of the images have at their foundation two significant threads: the ambiguity of personal identity and physical location; and the way in which memory and history are forged from everyday moments. 

The work has suddenly become entwined with recent events. A further investigation that shows the trace elements we leave behind when subject to catastrophe, or displacement, as well as denoting that initial moment when things begin to move or take flight: a crashing wave, the initial moment when a gust of wind blows the fresh snow off a mountain top; the light trace of footsteps one leaves behind in snow.

Some of the works reveal clues—an old bicycle, a dated hemline—to place and location, the physical fragility of the work, (one brush against the paper and the image vanishes) reminds how quickly the lessons of history can be forgotten.

I want my drawings to reverberate with an evanescence and collective foreboding. The fugitive nature of the powdery media gives poignancy and immediacy to images that intentionally dissolve into oblique memories.